Our Mission

Professional Career Services was founded in 1994. Both the Brooklyn, New York and the Lakewood, New Jersey divisions were launched with a goal of finding employment for the many people out of work at that time.

As the economy improved, the need for job placement did not disappear; in fact it grew, as PCS’s reputation for successful job placement became well known. Applicants included both entry level job-seekers, as well as experienced professionals who required retraining and placement.

PCS continues to serve job applicants through direct placement services, career counseling, educational programs, and preparation for employment.

PCS has become known, over the past 19 years of service, as a source for all career-related issues: local employers, and small businesses throughout New Jersey contact PCS for employees on all levels – clerical support through controllers, accountant, traffic managers, health care administrators.

Ocean County is one of the two fastest growing in the state, and PCS intakes many new arrivals to the area who are seeking employment.

In addition, long-time residents of Lakewood, annually embark on careers with the assistance, through counseling, training courses, or direct placement, of PCS.