Our Leadership

Gedaliah Weinberger,
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Gedaliah Weinberger is a guiding force of PCS, as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Holding a BS from Brooklyn College in mathematics and a MS from the Courant Institute at New York University, he also has Rabbinical Ordination from Yeshiva Torah Vodaas. Mr. Weinberger was a founder of American Healthware Systems, a developer of software for the healthcare industry. The company grew significantly under his guidance and merged with Siemens Corp. Mr. Weinberger sits on several boards of directors, including the boards of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath and Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood, and is Chairman of the Board Emeritus of Agudath Israel of America. He is Chairman of the Board of New York Community Hospital of Brooklyn, and Chairman of the Daf Yomi Commission.

Daniel Soloff,
National Director.

Daniel Soloff, national director of PCS, has Masters degrees from Beth Medrash Govoha in Rabbinic and Tamudic Studies and in Early Childhood Education from Adelphi University. He has 13 years of experience in education. As one of the founders of PCS in 1997, who spearheaded the organization, he became employed as national director in 2002. Daniel’s mission is to upgrade the job placement as well as career training programs of PCS to better serve the growing community. Through the many new initiatives he has spearheaded, the organization’s staff has expanded to 4 times its original size.

Our Staff

Placement and Counseling

Yoel Tolwinski,
Director of Job Placement.

Following a successful career as a medical recruiter, Yoel Tolwinski has been our Director of Job Placement for the last 10 years. Yoel actively keeps abreast of the ever changing job market and works closely with both candidates and businesses. Yoel has guided many from the earliest stages of career exploration to high-level positions and professions, and he has placed over 500 individuals in diverse positions. He works with large corporations, mid-size and small businesses, and start-up ventures both local and farther afield. Yoel brings years of placement and counseling experience to the job, striving to provide for the needs of employers, entry level applicants, and experienced professionals.

Shoshana Smulowitz,
Employment Counselor.

Shoshana Smulowitz, veteran employment counselor, has been involved in job placement, career counseling, and resume preparation at PCS for 16 years. She directs job applicants through the process of identifying the right occupation or field, searching out leads, honing interview skills and negotiating salary. She started in the field of job placement in 1994 in Cope Institute in Manhattan. Shoshana has taught academic courses at BTI, Brooklyn College and Mercer County Community College. Her articles on HR-related topics have been published in newspapers and magazines.

Tzvi Pirutinsky,
Career Counselor.

Tzvi Pirutinsky, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, has been working for PCS as a career counselor since 2007. His expertise includes career counseling and assessment, academic advisement, job search strategies, career development, and a wide range of opportunities including professional, technology, and science careers. He is also director of research at the Center for Anxiety (New York, NY) and frequently publishes in scientific journals including the Journal of Career Assessment, Journal of Affective Disorders, Journal of Family Psychology, and the Journal of Positive Psychology. He has taught several academic courses most recently at Georgian Court University and Columbia University.

Meir Dickstein,
Job Developer.

Meir DicksteinMeir Dickstein joined PCS as Director of Job Development in 2016. Meir learned at Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Talmudic Studies from Beth Medrash Govoha. He previously served as the recruiter for Yeshivat Or Hatorah Bais Medrash collage program and the Sales Director at Greetingroses.com. Meir works closely with the Placement Director as well as large and small companies to network and find lucrative employment opportunities.

Rus Zucker,
FDU MS Accounting Placement Coordinator.

Rus Zucker, FDU MS Accounting placement coordinator, is responsible for assisting graduates of the accounting course find internships and paid positions upon graduation. A graduate of Adelphi University in Business Management and Communication, Rus is well qualified for the crucial role she plays. It is with her guidance that students create resumes, apply to jobs, work on their interview skills, and ultimately embark on a successful career. After 7 years at PCS, Rus’s commitment to guiding newly minted accountants on the path toward growth-oriented employment is well-known, while her referrals of candidates are respected by accounting firms of all sizes.

Leah Stromer, CPA
FDU MS Accounting Placement Coordinator.

Leah Stromer supports students and new graduates of FDU’s Master of Science in Accounting program in their search for internships and permanent positions. A graduate of Yeshiva University and a CPA with experience in public accounting, including seven years at KPMG, and eight years in higher education administration, Leah is highly qualified and well suited for this challenging role. She counsels the students and recent alumni regarding career paths, resumes, networking, and interview preparation. Leah’s dedication to the students and their success in the job market and her resourceful networking has impressed peers and students alike and has encouraged many in the process. Her knowledge of the profession and her professionalism commands respect from the accounting firms and businesses with which she has connected candidates.

Course Coordinators

Yocheved Fishman,
MS in Accounting Program Coordinator.

Yocheved Fishman, Program Coordinator of the MS in Accounting program, has 7 years of experience working at PCS. With a degree in Business from SUNY Empire State College, she puts her skills and expertise to work to ensure the smooth-running of the MS Accounting cohorts and the successful educational experience of the students.

Raizy Perl,
Course Initiator and Coordinator.

Raizy Perl, Course Initiator and Coordinator, has been with PCS for the past six years. Raizy’s expertise and innovation make her an excellent candidate to manage our many specialized courses. Using her unique skill set, Raizy directs the marketing, staff recruitment, enrollment, and core curriculum issues of our highly popular courses. Thanks to Raizy’s selfless dedication, PCS has been able to expand its career course options with tremendous benefit to the Lakewood Community. Some of the courses which Raizy manages include: Business Enrichment, Desktop and Network Support, Real Estate Investing, Property Management, Certified Financial Planner, Fundraising, Microsoft Office, and Sales.

Sarah Massry,
Program Coordinator and Director of Marketing.

Sarah Massry is Director of Marketing and the Program Coordinator of the Software and Web Development Course. Sarah holds a Master of Science in Education from Daemen College and has a decade of experience in education. She is a regular contributor to several international publications and the author of two books.