Q and A with Baruch Blaustein

In anticipation of their upcoming Networking and Desktop Support Course, PCS spoke with Baruch Blaustein an alumnus from the previous course.

Q: Please tell us about the field of networking and Desktop Support.

A: The IT (information technology) field is becoming increasingly important because all of today’s businesses rely on ever developing, complex computer networks. A non-functioning network can disrupt a business’s workflow and bring an office to a halt. Therefore it is crucial for their networks to run properly.

IT support is a broad field that has many components. It includes:  initial network setup and configuration, system maintenance, backup and recovery and email system setup and maintenance. There are also the day-to-day issues of malfunctioning computers and peripherals. A lot of troubleshooting and problem solving is needed to keep everything running smoothly.

Q: Can you tell us about your current position? How did the PCS networking course prepare you?

A: I’m employed at Advanced Data Management in Lakewood, where the IT department has grown considerably. I currently work together with three other PCS graduates of this course.

I enjoy my job, including the office atmosphere and the actual work. I thank PCS for helping me identify and study a field that I am good at, and which will ultimately prove to be a lucrative parnassah.

Before I took this course, I met with Tzvi Pirutinsky, the PCS career counselor. After evaluating my skills and interests, he recommended IT. At first, I began studying on my own by reading books on computers. However more was needed because self-study gave me zero hands-on experience and overloaded me with information that wouldn’t help me in real life situations.

The PCS course had an impressive computer lab that gave me hands on experience, allowing me to address and deal with situations that self-study books can’t possibly prepare you. The course also targeted exactly what I had to know in order for me to be successful.

There were also additional topics covered in advanced IT work that gave me the experience and knowledge to help me advance in my career.

Q: Can you tell us about the current job market?

A: It is definitely a field that is more and more in demand. There is a lot of room for growth as computers and networks become more complex, and skilled IT technicians are needed to maintain these networks.

 Q: How did PCS help you find your first job?

A: Word spread that PCS was running this course, and businesses reached out to PCS for employees. At the same time PCS also reached out to businesses to help identify additional jobs.

Q: For whom would you recommend this field?

A: A basic background in computer functionality is very helpful.

This is a great field for someone who enjoys working with technology. It also helps to be a people person because one has to interact with others to help them resolve their IT issues.


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