Q and A with Online Marketing Experts

According to Forbes, Online Marketing will be bigger than ever in 2015. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects more than 300,000 job openings in the coming years, a 41.2% increase.

PCS spoke to industry experts to glean information about the exploding and exciting field of online marketing.

Q: Why is online marketing essential in today’s business arena?

A: Yitzy Levi, Director of Marketing, CardCash.com: Online marketing is the engine that drives customers and sales your way. You can have the best product, most beautiful website and the best customer experience, yet still be stuck in neutral in terms of running a profitable business. Online marketing is the difference between owning a website and owning a successful business.

Q: Is online marketing currently a lucrative field to enter?

A: Rivka Kirwan, manager of SEO and PR, Oorah: As consumers increasingly turn to the Internet to conduct their purchasing and business transactions and research, online marketing has developed into an extremely lucrative growing field.

A: Yoel Weiss, owner of The Shop Company: The demand for online businesses and websites to stand out is very high; the job opportunities are therefore limitless.

A: Ushy Heitner, owner of Label Land: This field is a fun place to be; the demand is very high and the places you can take the knowledge are limitless.

Q: Why is it important to receive proper training from industry experts before entering this field?

A: Yitzy Levi: With online marketing the importance of knowing what you’re doing and doing it right is vital- more so than in other fields. If you give online marketing tools such as SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing a half-baked effort, you’re going to get nowhere and will flounder in the large abyss that is the internet. If your content is lacking, no one will give you a second chance. By learning actionable goals from industry experts you can ensure that your product will get the attention it deserves.

Q: Why should small business owners and people who are dealing in amazon and eBay learn online marketing skills?

A: Yitzy Levi, The percentage of sales done online has tripled in the past ten years, and it is increasing at a rapid pace. For eBay and Amazon sellers, it’s essential to understand the tools that are driving the internet’s engine. Understanding how to properly build and maintain an online presence empowers you to make the proper decisions when weighing how to best scale your business online.


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