Selling Successfully on Amazon

FAQS with Tzvi Goldberg of Gm trading LLC , PCS Amazon Course Director


Q: I understand that running an Amazon business will require a lot of hard work. At this point, I can’t give up my day job; yet I want to break into this field. What is the minimum amount of time needed? Can I begin by spending 2-3 hours a day on it initially, and then more time later on?

A: Yes, it is completely possible. You can work on one or two products at a time, and with time the business will hopefully build up to the point where you can focus on it full time, thereby making a nice parnasah.

Q: What is the projected time-frame of how soon one can expect to generate income?

A: It is hard give an exact time frame. There is an element of trial an error. Like all businesses, you need to give it your all until you succeed.

Q: What is a rough estimate of the investment capital needed to get an Amazon business off the ground?

A: A lot less than one would imagine.

There are methods, which we will be covered in the PCS Amazon Course, that allow one to start off with about $5,000.

It depends on the product that you are working on. But there are manufacturers and trade companies that will give you a very small minimum order quantity.

Q: Do you need to be “on call” all day?

A: Amazon does track how quickly you respond to customer inquiries and to any notifications that you receive from them. It is important to respond as soon as possible.
However, when starting out you should not be getting too many customer inquiries.

Q: Does the job require traveling?

A: The job does not require traveling initially. There are ways to source products without traveling, although some trade shows are worth attending. Eventually, once the business has grown, it is beneficial to travel.

Q: I’ve been selling on Amazon for half a year and haven’t really been successful yet. I’ve read may blogs and did a lot of research. What can I expect to gain from this course?

A: On Amazon, just like in every business, there are people making money and there are people losing money. To create a successful course, we brought together many of those who are actually making real money on Amazon. All of these individuals are giving of their time and expertise to help craft a course that can impart the methods that actually do work and are willing to mentor the students throughout the process. No amount of blog research can compare to practical advice that has and is continuing to work for individuals of very similar circumstance.

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