Software and Web Development as a Parnassah

In anticipation of the third class of their successful Software and Web Development Course, PCS spoke to graduates from the previous classes.

Q: Please tell us about your current programing job. How did the PCS Software and Web Development Course prepare you for your career?

A:  A.J. My family’s financial situation has greatly improved since I graduated from the PCS course; I am grateful to be employed in a lucrative field. Currently, I am working at a local web development firm, writing WEB Apps. The languages and skills that were taught at the PCS Software and Web Development Course gave me the necessary skills to acquire- and succeed- in my job. The work is challenging, stimulating and very interesting.

A: N. L: I work for a tech start-up that is creating a learning management platform to enable peer-to-peer training within a company or organization. Because of the quality of the course and the education I received, I was able to rise quickly from an intern to a valuable programmer working alongside well-seasoned senior programmers. PCS had a major part in making that possible.  Beside the valuable knowledge of the programing languages that I learned at the PCS course, I gained the ability to analyze programing problems and choose the correct solution. That skill is one of the key components of the course.


Q: Is Software and Web Development currently a lucrative field to enter?

A: A. J:  Yes. Web Development has been labeled by US News as the number one technology job for 2015. Personally, after graduating from the course, I received more than one lucrative job offer.


Q: For whom would you recommend this field?

A:     N.L I would recommend this field to an individual with focus, aptitude and diligence. This field is a natural fit for any kollel yungerman who knows what it means to work hard at unraveling a complicated sugya.


Q: Why is it important to receive proper training from industry experts before entering this field?

A:  A.J. It is true that one can self-teach himself and “get things to work.” However, there will be issues with his work in the long run. There are many ways of programing and not all of them are correct. With the proper training, one’s codes will be cleaner and more efficient.

In order to really succeed in this field, it is essential to receive proper training from an expert in the field who understands which practices are important. Additionally, PCS has an on staff programming and web developing recruiter to help students find internship opportunities and jobs.


For more information call 732-905-9700 ext 610.

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